Friday, December 5, 2008

PF Potvin Week, Day 5

"What did he say? The giant's laptop? The lips of molehair?"

"I don't know, I can't hear anything with my hood up."


"Nothing, just be careful."

I pointed a gloved thumb at sign.

"So many cliffs, so little time. And who would go out walking on that air? It looks really unstable."


Nothing. Better to talk to myself. That way I'm sure to be heard. Better not get too close. Better just snap some pics from here behind the wall. Would be a stellar workout to run against this current, mile after mile. Makes me think of some top runs of all time. Currents on each and every one.

-Mountaintop at edge of Arthur's Pass on the New Zealand's south island. Ran down the spine on gigantic snowpack, shadowcasting 20 feet ahead into the gyring clouds.

- Night up mountainside near Bern, Switzerland and full moon blazing the spring runoff waterfalls. Cowbells in the distance and we howled for cheese and chocolate.

- Tempted the great grey glacier at Torres del Paine in southern Chile by



"Take a step back, you're scaring me."
"I didn't even notice. I was just climbed over because I thought I saw an elephant."
"You couldn't have because they're not in this post, remember? You can't just jump to your South Africa travels by snapping your fingers. They'll come in on our birthday, on Saturday."

"Right, but can't I at least give a preview?"

"Give me your hand and come back from there. Then we'll talk about if and what it could hurt."